Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Animatic

Cartoon Modern.

Well I am back. I have decided to start again from scratch with my film-kept the same script (maybe with one or two minor adjustments)-because I needed a fresh start on this. I've been looking again at 1950s styles as a template for my layouts. Originally I looked at Animation Background styles of Goofy and Donald Duck. I wanted to undertake a background style that was similar to these two cartoon characters. But I got advised against this. So I kept researching, wanted to go for something simpler, and stumbled across this book called Cartoon Modern. This book looks at the style and design in 1950s animation. I found some really nice, simple backgrounds in this book..... The pictures shown below are type of background animation style that I will be using as an influence for my layouts and final aesthetic.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Bob and his new pair of arms will continue...

Hi All...

Just a quick note to say my film will continue, even though I am now suspending my studies till next year due to having a nightmare with loosing work and also personal reasons.

So even though I won't be handing my film in, I feel I owe
to myself...and complete I am going to finish my film over the summer.

And when I repeat my year..I will get more organised, bk up my work and not have a relationship in my third year! Def. not getting married again. Ever.

So bye for now.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Latest Animatic

Okay, here is my latest animatic...still a lot, lot of work needs doing to it: need to start cleaning up the animation, colour it, sort my backgrounds out etc etc...but I will get there...! One or two things that definitely need changing: shot 2, where Bob is lying on his bed, with a great big erection...I decided that Bob needs to be full length in this shot... not just have him showing his face... because it will then 'flow' better with the shot after it (shot 3)......Another bit I am considering playing with: where he falls down the stairs could be a bit more comical...have Bob bouncing around a bit!

Observing from life.

For the last month or so, as I been animating, nearly all done now...(including redoing all the bloody shots that I lost!)...I just need to start cleaning up... I found that observing people and nature, in my case birds, has really helped me with my observation skills, regarding animation. So here are a few images of me walking, drawing from life ...observing people and their body language, and lastly drawings of pigeons. The reason why I chose pigeons? I wanted a bird that had that 'stupid look' about it, and I thought that pigeons would be appropriate. They just have a 'dumb look' about them! In my film, a bird forms a 'relationship' with Bob: Bob does a good deed to the bird-throws a doughnut up for it to eat...and in return the bird helps Bob...helps Bob to have a wank!